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Olympia Partners with Elmhurst Rugby

20 February 2017

Elmhurst Rugby is very proud to announce our partnership with Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, a pillar of the Elmhurst community and a catalyst to the growth of rugby.

Doctors Michael and Pat Calcagno both played rugby in their high-school and college years. Pat pursued his career after being inspired by the chiropractic care he received as a teenage rugby player. Mike had a similar experience in returning to competition from a football injury after only nine days of chiropractic treatment.

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NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN! Registration for the Spring 2017 season is still open for high-school students attending York, IC Catholic Prep, Timothy Christian and neighboring community high schools.

Contact us by email so we can send you instructions of how to register online with Rugby Illinois and USA Rugby.

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Schedule for Training and Competitions

Practice starts Saturday, February 25th.

Preliminary match schedule was released and subject to further changes. State Tournament to follow conclusion of regular season, with Summer Sevens in early June for those wanting to play Sevens Rugby. More details to follow.

  Community Partners

Business and Strategic

We are searching for a select group of business and strategic partners interested in growing Elmhurst Rugby. Partners sought include corporate sponsors seeking a strong return on investment and strategic partners whose brand aligns well with mission and philosophy of Elmhurst Rugby. Contact us to get started.

Rugby is...

  • The fastest growing team sport in the U.S., played by 2.1 million kids around the world
  • A dominant sport for U.S. women with 20,000 registerd female rugby players, larger than any other country
  • Safer than playing football, hockey, lacrosse, and girls soccer according to research
  • Proving size doesn't matter, as people of all physical size have a place in our sport
  • The 3rd most viewed spectator event in the world, larger than the Super Bowl
  • Rapidly expanding in the U.S. sports market with
    • 5.4 million viewers alone watching the USA Sevens Tournament
    • Creation of Professional League in the U.S.
    • Significant growth in corporate sponsorship

Elmhurst Rugby is...

  • Offering elite coaching that will improve your skills in rugby AND other sports
  • Not requiring any previous experience and encouraging everyone to try rugby
  • Providing assistance pursuing collegiate rugby scholarships
  • Scheduling practice and matches to accomodate participation in other Spring sports
  • Utilizing rugby as a platform to develop skills that result in lifelong success

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